About Us

Steele Products is a subsidiary JD North America, a division of JD Group… an established, vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of internal combustion engines, located approximately 200 miles north of Shang-hai China..

Started in 1945, with quality and engineering serving as its foundation, the JD Group employs over 6,000 individuals, including 150 engineers, in a 100 million square foot manufacturing campus. Annually the JD Group manufactures over one million engines and is one of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in china, with sales exceeding $1.5 billion US per year.

One of the subsidiaries of the JD Group is Yancheng Jiangdong Engine Manufacturing Company. Jiangdong incorporates gasoline, diesel and LP engines into generators, pressure washers, water pumps, lawn mowers and tillers that it designs, engineers and develops for sale throughout the world.

Steele Products takes advantage of the parent company’s huge economies of scale and true vertical integration to provide some of the best values in the product categories it offers. Add to this Steele’s domestic inventory in both California and Illinois, its $11M product liability insurance and 15,000 city professional service network and it’s easy to see why Steele’s business partners are afforded an exceptional profit opportunity.

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